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My jack russel that I've had about two months now is becoming very mischievous. Any clue why??

For the first six weeks that I had him he was fine....eating all the food he was given and sleeping in the dog house I provided. He even has the whole of my back yard to play in while I'm at work. He gets taken for walks about three or four times a week. Lately he will not eat, will not sleep in his dog house (he won't even enter it for his toys) he is tearing my back yard to shreds and pulling clothes off the clothes line and tearing them up! Why the sudden change in behaviour??He is two years old and I adopted him from a pet rescue pound.

The Jack Russell is very unhappy and trying to tell you by being destructive.
My husband and I have a Basenji which is very much like your dog. He needs lots of exercise because he is very energetic, but he needs it with you there to watch his antics. Your dog wants you there, too.
Your dog misses you! Play with him in the yard often . He also should be socialized by taking him to a dog park where he can meet other dogs as well as people. I know it is hard to find time when you work, but get up a little earlier and walk him. When you come home walk him again. Three or four times a week is no where near enough. If he is happy you will be too. If you cannot do this either quit work or find him another good home. I am truly sorry you are having these problems and hope you can solve them soon.

Leeroy Jenkins:

This is not the right dog for you. Since you have a full time job it is not a good idea to leave a dog, especially a young dog and one with high energy at that, alone. It's just not a good idea if one lives alone to get a high energy pet, especially a dog. I've raised many pups, but had the good fortune to be in a position to stay home and raise, socialize and train them. It's great to have that kind of time, as you need to get the dogs out on long walks to burn off that energy. there's a saying, 'a tired dog is a happy dog'. Running and playing and wearing each other out is the best thing you can do for your Jack russell. Please seek out a sitter if possible, you and your dog will be the better for it. My dogs have never wrecked the house or got themselves into anything because I was able to get them out three four times a day to play. Back when I was working 9 to 5 however I had a cat.

Gemz Star!:

He's a Jack Russell terrier and he's bored. This is a breed with the energy level of a tornado and the attention span of a gnat. He needs constant stimulation. They were bred to root out rats and mice from grain stores. Most will push around a ball the same size as themselves until they drop. Good luck.


Unfortunately I cannot provide CONSTANT stimulation as I work 9 to 5. I give him about an hour of my time every evening but I get tired before he does!! Perhaps I should have considered a dog with lower energy levels.

I'd hate to hand him back though as much trouble as he is. :-)

Thanks for answering


give him some time... Give him a few tennis balls my pup seems to think he's a soccer player 1 for his mouth or 2 depending if he can get ahold of both but kicks and noses the other fun for 1 for at least awhile... He loves it... Then he tears up the balls and eats them... Thats 1 of his problems... He sees it he eats it...


It's a Jack Russel thing, you have the most hyper, bull headed dog you could have ever gotten. They start to calm down at 2, till the you have your hands full!


I missed that he is 2 already, he's now comfortable so he's showing his stuff a bit. He'll calm down. Check out the breed though, these things are normal for Russel's.


Yeah I read up on the breed before I took him so I should have known he'd be hard work....I just didn't expect him to go from one extreme to the other though. He led me into a false sense of security!! :-)

Thanks for answering.


He may have been abused before, and is having flash backs...or is spoiled and knows you will do nothing. he may be testing you...he needs to be retrained to be a good doggy...


That's the killing thing....he is otherwise a good dog. He's grat around kids and he is really playful when....anybody who comes to visit has immediately fallen in love with him. But when he seeks attention he'll get very destructive in the process.

Thanks for your answer.


Dogs go thru stages I have a puppy that I am going thru the SAME problems... They get cranky and full of it at the blink of an eye---you say he's 2 so that puts him as a teenager 14-- remember those days? as for not going in his house check to make sure nothing else has claimed it for themselfs or maybe it's just him being a butthead!!!! good luck


I recently changed his dog house for a one in better condition...maybe this was my error?

Thanks for answering


He may not be comfy then his surroundings don't have HIS scent any longer... Do you still have his original house??? If so put it back in the same spot and see what happens... He may not realize it's okay


I never owned a juack russel...but my x best friends own one and she is mischievous it's probably just a instant lol idk


Puppies are like small children! They try to get away with anything!


I agree with all of those who have said he has way too much energy. There are a number of things you can do. I agree that a dog walker and interactive toys (such as those you can fill with treats and he can chase around) will help, as well as you carving more time out of your schedule to walk him yourself (3 times a day, about 1/2 hr each time if not more), do agility training with him, play fetch with him ,etc...

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