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What's your thoughts on a Texas law that's sending a couple to prison after pit bulls maul child?

*to the beat of deadbeat dog owners*Article:

Dear Dj,
I am not a dog fancier and I have had several scary calls with dogs in my life and have seen multiple news stories about attacks by dogs against innocent bystanders. I know it sounds harsh, but if people are going to have these violent animals, they should be responsible for keeping them secured. I knew a man whose dog bit two family members (severly, not a nip) and he refused to get rid of the dog. What would you say to that? The second attack involved the dog biting the face of a 9 year old child, near the eye. Had he been in the U.S., the county might have forced him to destroy the animal, we were overseas and it was only family members, so he got away with it.


Dogs have always been a part of my life and I agree with you that owners should be held responsible. In the City where I live there have been 6 small kids in the last three years that have been "ripped apart" by pit bulls. What a horrible death these children encountered.
The owners of these dogs only received a fine and a slap on the wrist.
It would be great if all states adopted this kind of law.


Thanks Kathy 1960


Dear Dj,
My grandmother was a dog breeder, so I spent a lot of time with dogs in my youth, but I found I liked cats a lot better. Ironically, the uppitiness of cats is the thing I like most about them. I really don't dislike dogs, but I have done a lot of walking and have been more than a little afraid of some of the dogs I have encountered. Luckily, the scary ones were well secured and I knew not to provoke them further. I always feel bad when I hear about kids being mauled, too. I think more states will adopt similar laws, there have been a number of mauling trials. I remember the one woman in San Francisco, who was mauled in the hall of her apartment building by the dogs next door.


It's horrible to hear of ANY dog attacking someone, but let's not play on the breed here this is what happens when good dogs are owned by careless, irresponsible people! They should go to jail, cause it sure as he!! wasn't the dogs fault!


Thanks DogLover


Maybe they will learn to maintain their animals better-


That's the way I see it..thanks Real Mike..

Vietnam Vet:

If you keep pit bull dogs and don't know what the dogs are capable of doing, than you need help.
The help comes from court system. Whatever the law says is the result of a dog mauling a child, is
what you get. Plan ahead.


Thanks Home Econ


I agree with Kathy, and say it is about time. People should be held responsible if they are going to try and own these dogs as pets. I had a cousin who defended her pit bulls who she claimed were loving members of her family also, until they got out one day and came back all bloody, (not their own blood) (They lived far out in the desert, at the time) Her husband took them out back and shot them both. He was smart enough to know when enough was enough and didn't trust them anymore around his own two small boys. Maybe if more States started convicting the owners of these dogs, people would think twice about it before they ever tried to own them. It is not the dogs fault, it is the people fault for thinking they can tame a wild animal who has been breed to kill.


Thanks Mama V.. I think More states should adopt this law..

Still Changing:

Bottom line,the owner is responsible for their items,live or other means.....


Thanks mixer


Jail is good and they need to pay the hospital bills.


Thanks awritersnot..

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