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Have you ever been told by a teacher, that you will never make it through school?


I was told by a freshman basketball coach that I was finished in athletics at that school. By the time I graduated I had lettered 4 years in one sport and earned 4 additional letters in other sports and was elected captain of our undefeated state champion football team. selected on the all-State FB team. went to college on a FB scholarship. Had the highest batting average 4 years running on varsity baseball team. Awarded Outstanding baseball player trophy for my H.S. 2 YEARS. iT'S NEVER BEEN A GOOD IDEA TO TELL ME i COULDN'T do something. It motivates me.


Yeah, my math and history teacher siad that I am not going to be succesful inlife.


yeah, few times, when I used to misbehave


It has been happenning to me all year.


I get all A,s and I still get bs from all of my teachers.


Uh huh--PE instructor, dissatisfied at my coaching performance said I was a basket case. Didn't exactly understand that statement, but got the message that I didn't deserve a letter. Took it to mean I should be stuffed in a basket & sent adrift.


is that right?

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