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My dog has a toy she just mouths with her eyes closed. like a pacifier. why does she do this?


she is relaxing


It depends on the age of the dog!

My daughter had a cat that did that...sucked on a blanket and the Vet said that it was sexual.....? Since He was the one that had studied animal husbandry, we had to accept his evaluation on this one. I know! We had a big laugh about it too! :) LOL

God's Best! xo


She was probably taken away from her mother too soon.


Hey you! How's it going? Hope alls well in the sun/moon/stars tonight!:) xo


she is just happy with her toy.


It could be a few different reasons. Sounds like she is content just chewing her toy. That is her pass time, something she likes to do. I had a dog before who had obsessive complusive disorder (OCD) and she had to have a ball in her mouth or around her at all times or she would freak out. It was rather weird, but it was like her baby ball that you couldn't take away from her and when you did she would stair at it and constantly bark at it. What your does is doing is not something bad or that you need to change. Dogs can be very expressive on thier moods by thier behaviors. She's just a happy dog with her toy. Better her toy than your funiture. :-)

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