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my dog hurt her paw, she is not whining but is carrying her foot, our vet is closed what can I do

is it ok to give her pain meds? if so how much

How did she hurt it? give it some time sometimes my dogs hurt their feet while running and a little while longer they are fine.


wrap her leg and foot with an ace bandage and they say it is never okay to give your pet human pain pills. also most states have an emergency after hours vet did you look in your phone book to see if you have one?


the emergency vet wants over $500.00 just to look at it, take x-rays and stint it, I am broke and cannot afford that kind of nonsense - my pup is sleeping now and I think I will take her to my regular vet in the morning, do you know the best way to wrap her leg, she is a little malti-poo


cut it to fit her leg and foot without lapping over. you don't want to wrap it too tight just enough to give support and relieve pressure. if it is just sprang you won't need to take her to the vet because they will just wrap it. make sure you take it off her at night time because swelling may happen at night. if she puts it on the floor and walks on it the next day I doubt it is broken. good luck with your puppy hope she's okay.


We have toy poodles and one of them had a leg broken on a Sunday. We called the Vet. at is home, and he said to give her a Baby aspirin as per the directions on the bottle until we got her there that Monday morning.


how did she hurt it, give it some time sometimes they tweek it and a little while later they are fine.


you should wrap it up, don't make her walk that will make it worse she might of cracked or broke the bone

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