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Do you spoil you dog with a special treat? I make our dog scramble eggs on Sunday.

He loves them and they are good for his coat.

Wow!!! You've got one talented dog there, Ja9!! A dog that can scramble eggs?!?!? J/K :>) Back when I had dogs, most definitely spoiled them, and didn't take much. :>)


LOL....that so true...their love is unconditional...


When I had a dog I use to give her spaghetti bolognaise when we had it because she loved it, she like a little bowl of chilli co carnie too, and she lived till she was 16years


That funny....we had a dog when I was a child that loved spagehetti too....thanks for the chuckle


Spoil the dickens out of em!! When they are gone, you are sad and wish you could have spoiled them more!! It has been 6 months since our dog passed away and I still miss him today!! Dusty (big outdoor dog) use to like bacon grease (only a little) drizzled on his dog food. The vet said it was good for his coat too.

Mountain Goat:

I am sorry to hear about Dusty! He was a lucky dog! : )


That's sad..Im sure he's bragging about you in doggy heaven!


always, they come to expect it, during the week dog treats, on sunday morning, they have whatever I have, bacon, eggs, oatmeal, grits, not all at same time, but they have same.


Thanks for answering...vets always say no table food. Our family dogs were healthy and lived long lives on canned food and table food.


My dog loves all sorts of people food. He will actually come up and sniff your breath to see if he missed anything! He loves grean beans mixed with pork tenderloin so I tend to make that more often than I might! :)


That's funny, we had a dog named Daisy and she would eat everything except green beans! We would put one green bean in her food, mix it up and she would pick out the bean and leave it in the bottom of her dish!


No! You may give your dog something that you like and kill it. For example, I love chocolate, but it will kill a dog. Do not upset your dog's balance of diet. Your dog food has all the nutrition that your dog needs. Incidentally, I do not give myself special treats, because I do not want a heart attack. Why should I kill my dog instead?

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