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Jason P.

Are you pigging out today and starting a diet tomorrow?


I don't diet. I eat what I want with out thinking about it. Just staying active doing day to day things must even things out.Maybe I have a fast metabolism .Last night before I went to sleep I ate a whole pint of Ben and Jerrys chocolate ice cream with lots of rasberry sauce poured over it. I probably did eat too much.I didn't feel too good after I ate it.It was too sweet:)

Jason P.:

Too sweet???? Never! :)


True. It was because I ate the whole pint :)


HOW did you KNOW?

Jason P.:



Nope I started my diet two weeks ago :) and i am doing great on it.

take care

Jason P.:

You go girl!


I am ALWAYS on a freaking diet.I am a fanatic about being a certain size and weight(yes i admit it! My name is Leanna and i am a freak,just kidding,lol!)I am 5ft.2 and my ideal weight is 103.Ofcourse it never stays that way but as long as i fit into my size zero pants i am happy.I know i am probably going to make alot of you guys nauseous but you asked!;)

Jason P.:

You are my dream weight. Good for you. Ok, maybe not that small,since I am 5'4.


No, I've been on Weight Watchers since Jan. Have lost about 16 lbs. Have more to go, it's coming off slow, but they say that's the best way to lose. I do have days where I seem to want to eat everything but the "kitchen sink", but luckily those days aren't often.

Jason P.:

That is so great Kinkley. I bet you feel great. There is nothing like losing weight to make you feel good. I hear often that Weight Watchers is a good program. Here's to you! :)

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