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Do you have a more health conscious diet during the year than during the holiday season?


Yes.. I am health conscious during the time it is not a holiday season.. when the holidays roll around I feel better at indulging myself on some food because my consciousness paid off during the year...


So it all balance out in the end Sugalicious. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


not so much... I try to stay the same all year round....


I know I don't even think healthy food during the holidays, it's unnatural.


yup...sure is


No I eat what I want when I want always.


That would be soo fun........right mom!!


Thanks a great way to go NANA.


I do when I feel the clothes getting tighter, but if they are lose I am not thinking about it........I am getting seconds....brb


I understand perfectly. Thanks Bev.


no the same as usual.


Good for you patpatenstein.


I have to be more health conscious during the holidays. There are just too many sweets being offered and I am diabetic. I have to be careful.


Hey wondering, my husband is diabetic also. He gets to eat everything just smaller portions than he would prefer. Then he goes out and play football with the kids to help burn off the excess.

Valentin Alsina News:

are you kidding me-----I'm 5'3"---I can look at a chocolate chip cookie and gain 5 lbs. I have to eat strategically during the holidays or else I can't fit into any thing for the New Year!


That could make an interesting party outfit.

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