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If a loved one was terminally ill and suffering could you, if asked by him or her, kill them?

Morality aside, could you do it?

Yes, if there was absolutely no chance of recovery and they are sufferring. Dunno anything after that - I might end up killing myself as well.

Dont worry, I am not depressed or suicidal atm :-P


As for your next question, if they are not able to feel the suffering, I would refrain from pulling the plug. But if they are suffering, most probably I would.




And who decides if they are feeling the suffering - you, because you cannot see any reactions, or them, posslbly in pure pain but unable to show it at all due to atropied muscles, damaged nerves, etc?


Oh yes. Only if they asked.


Next question; What if they couldn't ask, would you act?


Very hard. If the law could not take me down then yes i would.

Friday's child:

Yes. I have spent too many days and nights trying to ease the suffering of loved ones dieing.


next question; what if they couldn't ask, would you act?




wouldn't a doctor have to do it or something .. ?

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