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When a person dies leaves a will along with Life insurance is the life insurance part of the estate?

If you had to buy a person out who had a vested interest in the estate, and the person who died left you as a beneficiary to a policy would you have to split the benefit - Example - If the deceased left you the life benefit policy so you could pay off the person who had an interest would have to split the benefit with that person in addition to buying them out?

Life insurance proceeds are not part of an estate, and are not taxable.


Thank you for your prompt answer, I appreciate it very much.


If the insurance list the deceased as the benificiary then it is part of the estate, if it list a another person then it is seporate from the estate and not taxable


Thank you


If you are are the sole benificiary listed on the policy you do not have to split it, but remember anything has to go through Probate Court.


Thank you, you seem to have a lot of answers, I thank you for your input.


Your welcome

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