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If you had a choise, how would you choose to die? And why?

Quik and apinless? or slow, so you have time to say I'm sorry?

if i had to die i think it would have to be after seing world peace but saying that it would have to be quick and painless with all my family {:~}


If I had a choice then I would say my good-bye's and then I would want a Quick and Painless Death.:)


By natural cause I dont want to be murdered or killed in an accident I want my time 'to be up' at a good old age of 60, then I will be :)


I'd rather die at 100, I'm too close to 60!


I think viscoglide is far from 60 right now.


yes your right i'm 27 lol


I want to be shot by a jealous 30 year old husband when I’m 98 years old.


Thats a good one!!


You got my vote.


simply in my sleep, painless.


I'd talk to all my family, tie up loose ends, and go to sleep.


in my sleep, quick and painless


as any Cubs fan would say, win a world series and a quick death would certainly follow


I would like to die in a plane crash only because of one reason. By my religion, after I am buried, angels come to assess my good and bad deeds. I figure if I have no remains to be buried, maybe I could by pass this tough part. That way, maybe I could casually sneak into heaven without anyone really noticing I missed the first and the most important test. err I think and wish..and yes I am totally a child at heart.


in my sleep with no pain


I want to die while being "amorous" with my husband...right at the "peak"...spontaneous orgasmic destruction!!!


You sound sexy

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