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When you see someone begging for money on the side of the road what, if any,

assumptions do you make about that person and their situation?

that they are in desperate need of money and if I have I will give them a few dollars.

take care ~Lisa~


We don't exactly have a "side of the road" here but DO have people offering to work for $ and veterans asking for help at our couple of intersections. After reading that some are quite the scam artists [to the tune of $500/day or more!], I've taken to keeping canned food in my car and giving that out. About 1 out of every 5 takes it and is quite grateful......the other 4....well, can't repeat their reactions w/out facing the QNA "hooskow." :(

M. L.:

I dont assume. i give them money. It is up to them to do the right thing.


if i have some i can spare some money i would give it because i have been that person before and who's to say i won't be again someday


i think you should buy them like a mcdonalds card and put some money on it so the only place you can spend on it is like mcdonalds.

Joshua Cromer:

I assume they need money.


Depends on how they look.


Very rarely, if people have "HUNGRY NEED FOOD" signs, I take them to eat. If they have "NEED MONEY" I usually don't help very often anymore. I used to give tons of money out, but I learned later in life that it is not a solution. I'd much rather give them advice, but they could be doing more with their time than begging for money. Food I understand, but money?


But for the GRace of God there I am .
I pray and hope they find themselves IN CHRIST.
I hope they will find a shelter and work so they can detox if only lifes problematic troubles and get on the road again to a healthier life.
Out of the weather be it Sun or Winters Cold.
I wonder when they last ate, where they slept, where they will be sleeping do they have a companion to "watch their back".
I wonder if they have a Community Shelter they frequent.If they have any family members that know of their situation.
If they eat one meal a day in a 'Soup-Kitchen'. If they have been fed by My Church.
If they prefer the streets, what Medical Problems they may have, Mental and any addictions.
I wonder all this and lift them in prayer each time we pass by. Which is often .. we have many many homeless here in Denver Colorado.. they are moving closer into the neighborhoods that were before taboo for them to frequent.


I dont ... I used to give them money until I realized that some are tricking people and that in most towns there is a place that feeds the homeless... so I dont give them money anymore.

If I thought they were hungry and wanted to do something I would go buy them some food and give them that instead of money.

yes I actually watched a man with his sign saying he was homeless and in desperate need... lots of people gave him money after about 30 minutes he walked around the parking lot and got into a very nice car and drove off....


OMG.... alot!
When I was driving cab in Minneapolis, I'd see people everywhere by the side of the road holding up signs that said various things like,
and on & on. And some times I gave them money, however, I noticed alot of the young "homeless" were wearing clean, designer clothing. They never got money from me, I assumed they were mooches. As for the others, yes, I thought most of them were alcoholics. (God forgive me)
However, one friday night, I was stopped at a light and there stood a guy with a sign that read in HUGE letters,
Laughing, I picked up all the change I had and as I gave it to him, I told him thanks for being honest.


Sometimes I give money. I sometimes carry food or drinks to give.


wow, you got a great response, I am so jealous!!!


I just read an article this morning about a homeless man that died the day before yesterday. The man was a alcoholic that lived under a bridge where he died on his bed of cardboard boxes from liver failure.
The man had lived under the bridge for over ten years and was liked and excepted by the community. He had been a member of the local church for that time and a member of alcoholics anonymous for four years. He also did volunteer work at the local food bank.
The author of the article said that the homeless man was a friend of his, and he and other people would give him money even though they knew he was going to buy beer and cigarettes with it. He simply stated that giving money to someone homeless is a sign of compassion no matter what they use it for. There are a few scammers out there, but we can't make assumptions or judge these people unless we are as perfect as God. It's all about compassion.

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