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Do we need a law that says "I can choose to die, if I want to?"

I already have that ability to choose life or death. Do I need a law now?

Yes its against the law to murder yourself. And even if it wasn't against the law, its still against Gods law to murder yourself.


If I kill myself, will they put me on trial?


I'm sorry but that is just way too much. I'm guilty of murder if I decide to kill myself. I know it's not funny but I can't help but laugh right now.


they might put you in jail :-) I know.. I know.. but don't do it!


I believe in a situation that you are terminally ill and there is absolutely no medical way to cure or make your life more bearable then you should be able to choose to end your life. I do not believe my Lord would choose to have any of his children suffer before death. As long as you are at peace with your passing I believe it should be an individual choice.


Yes. Often people who are suicidal are reacting to a short term problem with a permit solution. With a law there could be a set of well thought out process that person should go through to end their life. People in pain often have thoughts of suicide, once the pain is under control those thoughts go away. A friend years ago tryed to kill himself over a girl who dumped him. Thanks to God and his sister who happen to call whall he was starting to drug out he survived his attempt. He is a PHD professer at a college with a wife and three children. What a loss we would have all suffered had he susceeded and didn't go into theropy. Usually once the short term problem is taken care most people prefer life. Death is so final and not fair to your family and friends, if you don't give them a chance to talk you out of it. I considered this when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer more than 25 years ago. I would have missed so much in life had I done so. I just couldn't do it to my family. I have two lovely nieces that I would have never have known and the joy of the unexpected both good and bad.

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