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Thessalonius II

Is it me, or are the trolls back in business?

Today, I've had one answer from ten days ago removed, another that featured the word 'foolin' in it and a Q about mowing the lawn pulled. College kids, they're back to yank our chains again. Since their finals started, my score has gone up by almost 8 times its starting amount two weeks ago.

oh, now I know what happened to my answer to your snake story when you went to Florida! (It was some thing like... don't let the snake get you form behind) And ppyyuunnkkk.... it disappered like magic! was it really sound that bad?

Thessalonius II:

Dunno, apparently it was gone before I saw it. Sorry.

Uncle Hanky:

Hank Yank Is at it again.

Thessalonius II:

I swear that it is a bunch of college rats causing all the heartache. Now that their finals are through, they feel as though they can come back to whip us around again.

2 Cents:

I think you are right. I hereby volunteer myself to be the super violation checker to see if content should or should not be removed. There.
I just shake my head over some of the so-called violations that are being reported, so unnecessarily. It's a shame, really.

Thessalonius II:

I swear that it is college rats. Finals are over so they now have the time to drive us crazy. We had a fairly decent two weeks. MSN really needs to review its CoC policy to be less sensitive.


I STILL say it's the windows 7 users reporting our questions for being "Not about computers".

Thessalonius II:

That is one of the reasons that I was just thinking about. Those college kids being brats. Surprised? Ha!


Hi Thessa........ How are you? Here, have some of my mango's really good it will make you feel better! and re fresh...aaahhhhh......

Thessalonius II:

So long as it's half Jack Daniels, SURE!


eeeuuuwww...that doesn't sound to appetizing! Sorry, me no drink alcohol only the hubby..Jack and crown are two of his favorite!


There back...there starting to answer their own questions now!


you noticed...


Hiya Russ.....I noticed!

Thessalonius II:

I have wondered if it was mostly uppity college rats with too much time on their hands. Given that most finals are over with, I do feel as though my suspicions have been vindicated.


Could be...I would think college kids have better things to do..........I kinda think there are some regular users that get bored, and like to stir the pot a little!......I'm not talkin' about Hank!


Well, it appears that all is back to normal in QnA land. I knew it was too good 2 last.

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