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Why are lethal injection needles sterilized, and why is the process so complicated?

Lethal injections take 3 different shots, and if a single one is misdosed, which they commonly are {geniuses don't normally get the job}, the person will suffer unbelievable pain. Why don't they just use an overdose of morphine, or does that only work on TV doctor shows?

Lethal injections are never administered by doctors as it is against medical ethics to provide such a service. As such, addictive substances that require a DEA license to obtain cannot be prescribed nor administered to these prisoners.
Why are the needles sterilized? Because that's the way medical grade needles are manufactured. It'd cost more to manufacture the small number of non-sterile needles needed for lethal injections than to just buy some of the mass produced sterile ones. The total cost for a lethal injection, including the sterile needles, is in the range of $4-$6 and takes only a few minutes. Death from morphine overdose is 1- more expensive 2 - more difficult to adequately and properly dose and 3 - takes longer.


Giving a convicted murderer anything but a death as good as they gave is much too kind. I personally would flush the needle first with filthy toilet water then carry on as prescribed by law until they are dead or DOA. I have zero tolerance for violent killers or child molesters. If I had my way I would spend my every waking moment doing all that I could to convince them that they might want to take up a new vocation.


You're kidding me right ? A .25 cents bullet straight to the back of the skull or a $10.00 rope around the neck should do the trick. Why waste a good clean needle on a convicted person who has been through the legal justice system and exhausted all appeals. A drug addict or junkie could use that to help stop the spread of AIDS and Hepatitis C. Bring back the gas chamber and "old sparkey" too !


I am a Dem and I am a moderate, can't you tell ?


Im with you and Im Republican....I think we are all just sick of hearing about the "rights' of convicted felons...Im going off on a tangent so I'll stop. But Im sure you know where Im coming from.


I feel ya !


Yeah bullet to the back of the head would be best, but I don't think many people would support such a violent appearing method. Plus, it's messy.


Probably because morphine is more expensive. I think that hanging would be easier, its reusable and helps the earth :D.


Oh crap I need to stop answering with this stupid account.


I'm with you all the way on this one Street Jesus, recycle the dirt totally !


Another Death Penalty hating liberal using this old lie to try to influence others.

What happens if you got the death penalty banned? You would start clamining that "Life without parole" was cruel and inhumane.


I don't hate the death penalty. I'm just questioning the process itself. The death penalty is sometimes needed.


The concern is for infection.


You're kidding me right ? Do you think they were concerned enough to sterilized the knife before or after they killed ?


Up to the point of actual death we're supposed to act like human beings, regardless of who we deal's a matter of professionalism and dignity, not theirs, but ours.


quick slap your dirt on it Bam Drainage

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