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you have been given the ability for one day to hear what people are thinking, plus $1 million, in

exchange for 5 years of your life. would you do it? if not 5 years, would you do it for 2 years?

I would.
I would offer my services to the Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay. It would be Win-Win!
All Info Obtained, No Accusations of Improper Treatment!
Then I would offer my services to the FBI to read the thoughts of people who are suspected of knowing where kidnapped children are being kept.
Then I would offer my services to Doctors to help know what people in comas may be thinking.
Then I would offer my services to parents of Autistic Children to tell them what their Children are trying to communicate to them.
Then I would offer my services as a Marriage Counselor to help Husbands and Wives really understand what the other is thinking!
(OK, the sheer impossibility of that last one snapped me out of the daydream... Oh well.)


wow....I never thought of it that way. go back to your daydream what else would you do. I'm giving you back 4 of the 5 we only will take one and give you $2 million

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

In an instant...I got 5 to spare


nope... not for 5 years of my life... or 2 years ... wouldnt even do it for one day...

dont really wanna know what people are thinking... and its only money... money is not better than life


ummm ya i think that i t would be cool to kno what ppl are thinking and i would love to have a lot of money also the 5 years of my life i will be old anyways so whatev

Rene Hollis:

Never in a million years. It's not worth it.


No way, no persons thoughts and no amount of money is worth even one day of my life.


whats the connection here - i mean between hearing what people are saying and x-changing 5 years of ur life 4 $1 million? No, wouldn't do either anyway - life's not worth such cheapness - not even in thought.


i mean 'thinking,' not 'saying' - sorry


The million bucks would be nice... but I don't give a crap about what people think... so maybe just the cash and two years. =)

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