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What's the longest stay you've ever had in a hotel? Was it business or pleasure?


2 weeks for vacation. But my favorite stay (minus the poking and prodding) was 3 days at the Marriot in Houston. I stayed during a three day series of tests and treatment and lived it up in the room. I ordered room service on fancy trays with real linen, had turn down service, dry cleaning service, watched movies, special ordered all kinds of things and swam and used the other services because by george if I'm gonna suffer through doctor's torture to stay alive, I am gonna enjoy that life. Although, I did have a mega CC bill. But at least I am alive to pay it.


That is good news. I'm glad you managed to make the best out of a bad situation.


10 weeks, while working on contract.


Now that's some stay. I hope it was comfortable and homey.


I got to be buddies with a lot of the employees in the bar and the health club. It was a Marriott and was very comfortable.


3 nights . and it was for pleasure as i was on vacation


That's a short stay. Not bad if you liked the place and way too long if yoy didn't.


I went to Alabama and stayed in Birmingham for 3 days, 2 of which were in hotel.


That's really cool. I love Birmingham, I can't wait to get back down there and be a tourist again.


Hi Jackie,
I'm generally in hotels 3-4 weeks a year. Strictly business or training of course. :)
If I find myself in a place that gives me the slightest sign of 'ick', I am outta there in a heartbeat.


I hate the ick factor. It concerns me where I sleep, I don't want something odd crawling into bed with me except the hubby.


The longest stay in a single hotel was two months in a hotel less than a mile from my house while some renovations were being done. That was neither business or pleasure just necessity.
The next longest stay was six weeks in Paris and the next after that was four weeks in Beijing. Both qualify as pleasure trips although there was a bit of business involved.


Excellent Rillifane, thanks for sharing. That's a lot of nights on someone else's sheets.

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