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Can I have my deceased mother's checking and savings accounts audit?

I received by mail from her attorney accounting for her trust fund. Her checking and savings accounts were not in with this accounting. Both banking accounts were suppose to have gone to the attorney and executor upon death. Can we legally subpoena these accounts for audit?

So sorry for your loss and your troubles. Who is getting the monthly statements for these accounts??? There is no need for an audit unless the statements show something fishy. The executor to the estate can request copies of these records, unless there is something in the will which prevents these records being released. Is her attorney not forthcoming in information when you question him/her? Are you not on speaking terms with the executor to the estate? Maybe it is time to seek your own attorney for legal advise!


There are a couple of points that need to be established:
1 Assuming there is a Will, what does it say on your relationship in the will.
2 Who is the Executor and what are his/her powers as established in the will. In so some cases they can be very powerful.
3 What relationship does "Her Attorney" play in the distribution of the estate as set forth in the will.
You need to have a copy of the Will and follow the proceedings according to your mothers wishes. Wills are not necessarily fair and equitable. You can try to protest the Will, if you don't agree but it may be very difficult, tie it up in Probate Court, and be very costly to all concerned.

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