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What paper is needed to close an account due to death?

My sister passed and we need to close the account that she had in In. And is there a location in Missouri that we can go to and close it out?

I'm so very sorry for your loss! I never read the bottom details or I would have realized what was happening. Please accept our sincere heartfelt condolences!
May God be with you and yours during this time, comforting you with the Holy SPirit and helping you with all your needs.
Always in Jesus, Lynne/CE XO


A death certificate from the coronor!

God's Best! xo


A death certificate or the appointed power of attorney has the authority to close it. Sorry to hear of your loss. May God bless you and your family.


So sorry for your loss. May you and your family be blessed with the comfort and love of our Lord. You and your family will need a certified copy of her death certificate. You can get those from the County coroner, in the County that she passed in. If her bank accounts have a joint signer, the joint signer can close the account without a certified copy of her death certificate. If there is no joint signer, then it will have to be the executor to her will. If there is no will contact the financial institution that the account is held in, and ask for their advise. The laws for collecting funds on a account where the account holder has become deceased, very from State to State, ( and I imagine even from country to country, since this is a world wide web site) You may have to hire a probate attorney to help with all the legal paperwork, depending on the dollar amount of the account. I do know that in California, you needed to wait 40 days to close an account, even if you did have a certified copy of her death certificate, because that is the law here. The reason the make you wait, is because banks and financial institutions, do not like getting involved with the families fights over any money in they accounts. This gives all interested parties a chance to file legal paper work if they have an interest in the accounts.

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