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Never pondered these ways to die....eye opening article. Do you know someone who needs to read this?​usingOurselvesDeath&GT1=10583

Yes, it's an interesting (if frightening!) article. Did bring up some interesting Theories on how one could die. (See Imponderables answer for more examples!)

What is a bit worrying is how those people just keeled over from exhaustion! Restraint is hard when one is addicted....I know this for a fact being trapped here in q&a for over a year now (help!!!).

My little brother used to seem like he was linked to his Playstation via IV cord. He's matured a bit and has moved on...but I'm sure there are others who would benefit from this article.

As for me....I'm going to go outside...get away from the computer for a bit...I don't want to kick the bucket staring wide eyed at questions that say, "What's the best cure for the common cold?"

Death by q&a!!! ahhh!!!


I have been doing some roaming in the out of doors.....Winterization is a must up here... I can HARDLY wait until the snow blows...

I hope that sounds as facetious as it was intended...

Anyone got a room in Hawaii for free?


at first i thought that the article took a rather sarcastic point of view. glad that i read it thorough. informative. scary, yes but informative.


Yes, it did but there were many points that were well worth the read!!!


yes it was. thnx.


Sorry, missed it last night....I guess many people found it interesting.

Good to see you Imp!!!


I prefer enjoying living than dwelling on death.God's business not mine!


I don't either, however I do have an affection for the social sciences and human motivation and it shocked me what people are doing to themselves on purpose.


very interesting.


I thought so too!!!

Hello Catwoman...good to see you!!!!

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