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Cutey with a booty

Hospital wants to pull plug on comatose patient. Family rejects. Schiavo round 2? Thoughts?​an-jul29,0,6834394.storyGist:* Her case is "hopeless"* She is covered by low-income Medical. Her medical bills are not being paid anymore.* Family opposes to pulling the plug* Hospital claims end-of-life decision is separate from financial decision.
Adam aka Preacher:

Well, I do not enough to compare and contrast with Schiavo, but Schiava was starved and dehydrated. She was not on life support...she was on feeding tube only.
It was in humane!

Brian P. O'Gorman:

That is an important difference to me too. You don't kill a baby that can't feed itself either.


Quote from the article: "Dr. David Hadden, the county's coroner, public administrator and guardian, has said the county did not seek to become conservator. He said he decided to seek a judge's opinion because five doctors have said Rivera's condition is untreatable and irreversible." The family requested a guardian be appointed. The guardian is, by definition, to look after the best interests of his charge. She left no instructions and, according to family, never discussed it. I don't think money is the issue at all because the hospital is being paid by Medi-Cal. Soooo, we're back to "Would YOU want to live like that?" In my opinion, the answer to that (in the absence of a clear directive) should always be "no." What a hell!!

Cutey with a booty:

Yes, but doctors can be wrong about "untreatable", no?
But I agree, I would rather die than survive like that.


Well, I do understand where you're coming from. I think the fact that 5 doctors agreed that her condition is irreversible just has to suffice. Really, we have the medical technology not to keep lots of "dead" people alive, in a way, don't we? Until they dry up and blow away, so to speak. Example: I have a heart attack. I die. The ambulance gets to my home 40 minutes later...rushes me to the hospital; puts me on total life support and a feeding tube. My heart will beat, my lungs will take in air, my cells will get nourishment....except my brain's dead. Just shoot me!! (That's probably a ridiculous example, but I think you get what I'm sayin'.)


The article does not state much imho - is there any chance this woman will not die? if off of life support, it looks like she might live with feeding tubes as if I read it right, she was taken off for some time, and stayed alive.
If she truely is a vegetable and living no life with no brain activity, if it were me, I would want to die peacefully.....

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