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What message should you include on the card for flowers delivered to a funeral?


You have my deepest sympathy:)


six foot of it?


LOL...Right on...can you dig it? :)


that's deep


Depending on how close you were......Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this trying time. May time heal all.


the flowers are meant for the family, to show your respect and love... .but sometimes, if you knew this person was into something, like say, teaching children.. then making a donation in their name for a reading program would be a better way of spending the money.. add a note to a card for the family letting them know.................... thats what i would do, flowers die, the family does not need them.. they just need support.... the hundred dollars that you would spend on the flowers, could go to a charity with honor in the persons name!




So sorry to hear of your loss


You are in my thoughts and prayers.


"I offer my condolences for you're great loss, and my thoughts are with you."


rest in pieces

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