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Do you think that Barak Hussein Obama will be assassinated once/if he takes office?


I for one will not lose any sleep over it due to the fact that lots of my family and my self have served in the military and have always been proud of this country


Wow, I think these answers are funny. When you ask yourself the question the first thing that comes to your minds is a race hate crime.
For the very reason that everyone answered this the way they did is the evidence that racism is alive and well. The question is why would it happen? not if it will happen. We as the little people dont know all the forces that are at play in our own little free world society. I would be surprised if He does make it through, if he is elected and the reason is the very thing I said earlier. Racism is alive and well no matter what anyone thinks. I dont know if the world is ready for what we- america -are about to do. The outcome will determine the path we wander in the future- I think there is way more at stake here than weather Obama will live or die if elected. That is not what is important, I dont think any of the candidates are going to get much done to fix what has been broke. So we should be asking who is the best to evoke these repairs, or whom is the most likely to succeed at fixing the problems. I dont think Obama has a chance of getting things done and the barriers are too great to overcome. Ask yourself this- how long has it been that we allowed black men into the golf club at Augusta. Obama doesn't have a chance to evoke the change and if he does address this our-america- hidden racism will rear its ugly head. We didnt fix racism, we buried it and made it politically incorrect.


So true, we buried it instead of repairing it. Well said Granpajam.


are you gonna do it ?? Obama in 08


I don't think he's right for the country but I seriously don't see myself sitting around plotting an assassination.

I can't imagine myself sitting around plotting JFK's assassination or MLK's assassination either. It still happened though.

It just seems like if ever a president was going to be assassinated, Barak Hussein Obama meets all of the possible criteria. That's what prompted the question.


wrong time frame


No way to know for sure. However, I certainly hope there are NO more of our presidents assassinated.


A decent answer. Thank you.


well say they want to follow the Kennedys.


I was reading something about that.


No, he would have the same threats against him that any other President would have, his race doesn't make that much of a difference. Some radical racist groups might try, but they don't have the numbers, organization, or any connections in the government (or at least I hope they don't). They would be no match for the Secret Service.


If so then this is really a sad sad time we're living in,,Lets hope not,,,It's time to live and let live.


you got it LIVE AN LET LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!


Does that go for rapists & murderers as well? Or are you drawing a line at some point? If so, which point do you draw the line to stop allowing others to live they way they want?

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