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 Is saving a few dollars really worth killing for???????

A wal mart employee trampled to death at 5 am by 200 odd bargain hunters.......... heres the link to a news story i read today (on a gaming site first) is it really worth it????​cwxuziLgD94O3NN00Could this have been avoided or are big herds of humans just dumb stooooopid creatures???

not for me its not never been never will


They should spend time in prison for their lack of respect for a persons life.


That was the first thing that I thought when I saw the news report. What happened to Christmas?!?


Hello Inso, it is just beyond why people have to become sooooo intent on something to save a few $$ when they know there will be massive crowds. What a shame, my heart goes to the family of the employee... NO NEVER WOULD BE WORTH IT.!


Not worth it. They need more cops at walmart world wide, on black friday


Greed is many peoples problem.


NOPE! I would rather pay full price. My time is worth a lot more than I would save in $ and in hours standing in line.

Smokin' Joe:

Ah, the Christmas spirit! I heard the killers kept on shopping while they were working on him. I wonder how the people who get those presents will feel about someone having to die for them?


I wondered the same thing- they'll probably never know, sadly.

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