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Why is it that you must die to become "special", "wonderful", or "extraordinary?"

And not just people of the arts..........regular people. Should we look more closely while the time is here?Should we be a bit more tolerant, open-minded and inviting?
Slap Daddy:

Truth is we are all special, each one of us as individual as snowflakes yet linked to one another through spirit.

Its easy to become wrapped in the self, with all the struggles and hardships we face. When consumed with the self its hard to see past the suface of another.

I need to work on remembering that my brothers and sisters are going through as much and sometimes more than I am. Look past their skin into their souls and see them for the true wonders that they are.


Here, Here!! Great answer.


You beat me to it!


I wouldn't say "never", just not enough! Thank you.


Yes I would rather be before the fact than after the fact. An old saying is -it's not good to speak ill of the dead.


Thank you.


tolerant, open-minded, inviting...;
yes we should be a bit more of those things, though you can not make others be anything, so the only thing to do is to become those things and hope you have some influence.


Very true. Thank you.


not true I am extraordinary and still alive


But are you special and wonderful? :)


becoz it isnt right to speak ILL of the dead so ya gotta say something


I see. Thank you.


Well not to boast, but I am all those things :)

I think this is one of the sad things about people, but at times it's annoying as well, like when an obvious gang member is shot or stabbed, we then have to hear how he was a church goer, as if that meant he was less of a troublemaker.

I apologise up front for having a go at women here, but I have written about this elsewhere, it's one of the things I find most disappointing about women. Whenever you hear women speak about men in general or men in their lives, all we hear is negativity, how useless he is, what he doesn't do, what he could do better, how he should change etc. But as soon as he pops his clogs, he becomes the most wonderful man the planet has seen.
My point is, the only time women are ever able to say anything positive about a man, is if he's dead, or just died, before that all they do is put them down, it is absolutely shameful.
This does not apply to all women of course, but it certainly applies to most of them. In fact, I'd wager that most women who read this would struggle to remember the last time they said something positive about men or a man, simply because it very rarely happens.


You have been spending too much time with the wrong women. I am sorry for that.
I know some pretty fabulous men! :) Thank you.

? B~ The Divalicious ?:

your alredy so unique from your fingerprints to even dna that their is no one like you or will be thats special wonderful and extroydinary dont get a big head now lol

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

Christ teaches us to value each day and everyone in it. God thinks you are wonderful, special, and extraordinary this instant. Perhaps the question should be reframed, why don't you value yourself and/or others?

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