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Theres this guy i like and i know he likes me back but he does't talk to me when his buds around, Y?

He's shy and sorta nerdy. Sometimes I catch him staring at me too. He's cute though and he's a gentleman although a bit immature.

i will assume he is under 18,,

girls mature faster than boys until about 18 then boys catch up.
he is terrified of being rejected by you.... his buds are giving him a hard time too. plus he is deciding between girls and his buds for social times..

so i suggest you keep up your interest in him and forgive a bit of awkwardness. he needs encouragement from you... and limits too.. 18 is a man's sexual peak... 42 is a woman's..
his hormones will be rageing.. {acne is an indicator} so you will need to place limits on how "friendly" you are willing to be,
relax and let it flow.. if you like him.. then like him don't make it a situation of "if i like you you have to like me back"
that doesn't work.. be yourself and enjoy life.
he may have two left feet and both of them on the wrong leg. if he is a gentle man that is a huge plus..
live,love,laugh,and be happy...


He's told me before. There are lots of rumors, plus he's given me 2 necklaces.


be forward with him and ask him if he likes you

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