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do you plan to vote in the next Presidential election?


of course...or else i would have no right to complain...


I have no intention of voting on the next Presidential election.


Of course I do and I plan to vote for the most qualified who I think could run the country the best. Man or Woman.


YYYYup! For Fred Thompson.

Defend ur rights:

Yes, but probably for a third party canidate or a write-in unless Al Gore runs
Draft Al Gore:


Yes, most definitely! That is our right and our obligation. You must listen and study on the candidates before voting to select the one you think is best. If every American would do this instead of just voting for who their friends and families vote for or just don't vote at all we could get a great president.


Since I am a yellow dog democrat of course I will, we just have to wait and see who I vote for. I am thinking I will cancel out at least one person answering this post.




i plan to vote.

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