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Do you think having a disability make you less likely to get hired?

I have hypoglycemia and fibromyalgia just to list a few of mine. Some people I know thinks having conditions or disabilities makes it harder to get hired and I was just wondering if there is any truth to that?

Maybe if it is a job that you wouldn't be able to handle.
But, if it's a job that you could do, then your disability should not be an issue.
That goes the same with anyone, not just the disabled.
If you can do the job, and qualified for that job; then you should have the same chance as anyone else. :)


I am glad you are so open minded I wish more could be like you
Thanks for answering


Depends on what type of job u are applying for, and if you can handle as expected or not...


thanks for answering


You do not have to disclose your medical history on a job application and it is against the law for an interviewer to ask if you have any medical conditions.


Yes I understand that, but some people have disabilities that are a little more obvious than mine. I have friends with great work histories that it sometimes takes them months to get hired if they stop working to get their next job. They work temp labor jobs until they find the next.


It never plagued me.


glad to hear thanks for answering

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