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If you have 4 hours with someone special (not necessarily your mate) What would be the perfect date


Meet for some awesome coffee to go, talk and walk and follow a stream.


A nice romantic candle lit dinner followed by a night of dancing.


all alone on a beach with a light rumble of thunder and maybe an occasioal light mist, possibly both naked and u can guess the rest!


don't you think it's a little to soon for that? It's only the second date


somewhere where there is no interruption and no wasting time talking, allow your bodies and feelings talk for you and enjoy one is short.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

I wanna meet the gal with the provolone on her head


lol good one Moot. I think Cee Cee has an admirer


It's Cheddar (I think) ...or maybe Colby. LOL want me to send you one for Moot?


Only four hours? I'd have to say a nice, romantic walk somewhere and then a few beers or coffee. Whatever allows more time to talk.


Go hiking/horseback riding. I think that sounds like a lot of fun.

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