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Do you think it right that one person could have a question removed? I think it must be a report by

at least 3 or so????

It's a troll issue. The Team is working on it. Your Q's will be back.


Thank you so much!!

The Oracle:

REALLY Ron C? ......THen why was MY question- which simply asked about ANOTHER USER'S totally innocuous question "What's the best thing that ever happened to you?")....why was MY question about THAT removed? I then re-posted the question, and THAT TOO was removed.......Heather replied stating "I realize your frustration, upon investigation, if the questions are deemed appropriate- they will be re-instated".......To date, NOT ONE OF THE THREE HAS BEEN, and when I posted other questions about this- they TOO were removed. You just talk Ron C.....a bit too much IMHO.


It is a person with multiple accounts.


For a question to be removed, it requires a report from 3 different accounts. Whether different people or not is problematic.

Slap Daddy:

1 person three accounts aread 1 verry obsessed person


no I dont ..... think either friends or multiple accounts....


Yes... someone must be angry and likes to take it out on other people... XD


It is a troll with more than one account doing this :(

Take care

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