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How many women out there would or would not date a man raising his own children by himself, and why?


Definately would, I would be proud in fact. It shows moral character.


would - i dont know many men that are up for that task


Lol, I agree, however there are a few of us.


I did it. Never went without a girlfriend. Never kept the same one long though either. They all seemed to want to run things..Imagine that.


If i wasnt happily married i would because i think its a sign of character, and as dcnballmom said ,not many men are up to it! i just think it shows that he knows what the really important things in life really are!


I would most definitely, there are few men even capable, better yet willing to raise his children alone. It shows character and alot of patience


i would. if he was willing to love my kids, id surely be willing to love is. maybe we could make a brady bunch family and live happily ever after.


Lol, very funny, and very true.


If i were not married i would, sure why not? Proud of them


I married a woman who had a son and adopted him,
I don't see any problem


I definetley would it reflects his character, for me it shows strength, committment and that he is able to prioritise whats important.This is a rarity but a unique quality. where do i apply? LOL!


I've known a few women who would. I married a woman with a 7year old girl, and 9year old boy. Aint no big deal, as long as you're not a jealous or controlling person.

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