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Amazing guy

Men or Women, would you please rank the following 12 characteristics in the opposite gender?

Rank them based on what order they appeal to you most and if you would, please comment on why. PracticalIdealisticromanticsocialintrovertedpassionateintelligentsuccessfulcreativeindependentcommunicativefashionable

1) Intelligence is probably the most important because I don't want to have to explain how to do the simplest things a million times.
2) Communication and introverted are equally important because I need to know that we can discuss things on a higher level than whether or not tuna is chicken or fish.
3) Practicality is a good quality because one of us has to be practical when i'm inclined to spend money I don't have.
4) Creative is good because I don't like routine to become stifling. We have to change it up every now and then.
5) Romance is important for one reason. It let's me know that she is interested in me.
6) Independance is a must, because if I wanted a lap dog, I'd get one. She has to be capable of making her own decisions and be able to live with the consequences for better or worse.
7) Passionate is highly recommended. I don't like it when people get bored too easily. I'd prefer it if there was something for her to be passionate about
8) Idealistic isn't quite so important, but I need to know she has her beliefs and is willing to fight for them, even if she's wrong and I'm right so there :-P~
9) Social behavior is a good quality to have because I need someone who isn't afraid to grab me by the hand and drag me out for a night on the town whether we know these people or not.
10) Successful and fashionable are equally important because she has to look good while she's wowing whomever it is she's impressing.

Amazing guy:

Hey Kota, here ya are, up in my comment section again. That was a lot of work you put into your comment and I appreciate it. I had to chuckle on item 8, even if she's wrong and I'm right.... lol who's being idealistic there?? Thanks for stopping in on the Q.


My list from my #1 choice down would look like this:

This is harder then it looks. Intelligent has to do with everything in your list. If she is not intelligent she will fail at most things on the list and therefore I had to list it as number 1.

Romance is required in any long term relationship, because it creates a special bond and shows love to each other.

Communicative was my third choice, because I want to be able to communicate with anyone who is in my life. Especially that special someone.

Practical as four because it is required to be able to carry out the functions on the rest of the list. An example is that you can be passionate about something, but if you are not practical your passion can be misplaced or taken in the wrong direction.

Passionate was next due to the fact that without passion for something and/or someone what is the point. It is what makes our live enriched and helps in developing who we are.

Independent was next. It is need, because she is her and I am me. It was not placed higher on the list, because a certain amount of dependence is required inn any relationship (i.e. Trust).

Creative was lower, because I do not need her to be creative. It is great when my wife is (and she is very creative), but it is not as needed as the items above it.

I took Social and introverted in a tie. There are times that one is needed (time for yourself) and other times when the other is (family gatherings).

I put successful next to last, because there is always the possibly that success will be forthcoming. There are times in everyone's lives when they fail and that means at that point in time they are unsuccessful. It does not mean they will be unsuccessful o

Amazing guy:

Hi Ben, What a great job of commenting on your choices!! I read this earlier today but could not comment as I was actually working instead of procrastinating at the time = )
I was really surprised to see someone go to so much effort on the question and I found your comments very interesting. Thanks!


As always, you are more then welcome and thanks for the kind words.



Amazing guy:

Hi Kwin, I read one of your answers about why did people marry or remarry and your comment about finding true love, I am guessing that what you found matches your list pretty closely? What a great thing!


1. Communicative ~ good communication is the food that feeds the roots of intimacy.
2. Creative ~ Can't get bored with someone creative :)
3. Intelligent ~ Feed my mind and you will feed my soul.
4. Passionate ~ Life, sex, food, goals ~ Passion drives us ~
5. Independent ~ If you want someone to be dependent I would suggest you buy a resentment there!
6. Successful ~ Equals stability.
7. Practical ~ A practical person would be less likely to be side tracked and more likely to stay focused on their goals.
8. Romantic ~ Not that important but it sure is nice in a relationship.
9. Introverted ~ I am introverted enough for two people therefore I would like someone who feels the same way.
10. Idealistic ~ I think idealistic people have unrealistic expectations most of the time.
11. Social ~ As long as the person is not a butterfly :)
12. Fashionable ~ If you are comfortable that is all that matters...

Amazing guy:

Inagod, your answer is another one that surprised me with lots of details. I thoroughly enjoyed your reasoning's with your order of preferred traits. Thank you for answering!


Your very welcome Angel Wakes! Your question was just as fun and interesting to answer so thank you for asking :)


in good order, except shift Communative to #3, and intelligent to # 1.


oh and kill introverted, not a charicteristic I search for in people I want to talk to, they seldom talk back.

Amazing guy:

lol, hey there littlewing, yes somehow I can see how introverted would not be a trait you'd look for in a person. Your very outgoing and Im guessing you need someone who can keep up with you! Thanks for answering and good to see you again. Take care.

[email protected]@[email protected]:

romantic, passionate, social, independent, intelligent, If she has all of these, I'd be doing swell !!!!!

Amazing guy:

Wow- you are an easy guy to Please Louie, you only want 5 of the 12 traits? I'd say you chose 5 pretty good ones though. And I like your word swell. 2Fast uses that word too. Always makes me smile when he does.



Bball Star:

A few of those tie for me..
Like creative, intelligent, communicative, romantic, passionate.
Ahh I don't know.. I've tried to list these in order of importance, but all of them seem like good qualities to have to at least some extent.
Practical because being grounded is good.
Idealistic because seeing the good in things is important.
Romantic because who doesn't love a sweetheart?
Social because being able to get along with my friends is important.
Introverted because sometimes a little mystery is good.
Passionate because feeling strongly about what you do in life and who you're with is a big part of happiness.
Intelliegent because there's got to be something beyond a pretty face... and good grammar is a turn on. =]
Successful because that means they've probably worked hard to get where they are.
Creative because I love musicians, and I'm into the arts.
Independent because you should be able to spend time apart and have activities of your own.
Communicative because they'll probably have to be the one to make the first move. Also, being able to express how you feel in any relationship is important.
Fashionable because it shows that they care how they look. Actually, not so much fashionable in one particular sense, but if they look nice in what they where, it's all good.

Sorrry I sort of cheated on this, but there ya go. =]

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