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Would you like to travel to France for Christmas ?

Looks nice and romantic​e-fetes.html

As the old song goes ... I love Paris in the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall ... but I DON'T love Paris in the Winter. Sorry.


maybe not,
i was in paris last week,
it sucks, honestly.
it seems more beautiful until you get there.


so, were the people nice to you? I don't want to go where I'm not welcome.


oh yes i would if i had someone that was worth taking with lol


sexy babe is lonely ? write me! ;-)


No. I like to be around friendly people. I've heard so many unkind things about the French, and I have no desire to waste my time finding out if it is true.


oh yesssssssssssssssss......that is beautiful country........


If I had the money and if France would make me happier than I am now.


yeah if i had the money and someone to go with

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