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*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*

What your Partner Did to Approach you? She/He Sent Non-Verbal Hints, Talked to you Directly, ect.?

Hi, could tell your story about how your partner and you started your relationship. At the very beginning when you both were strangers. This is for my study research for sociology. Please give all the details you want. Thanks for your sharing your lovely story with us ^_^

Called me up a couple of days after we first meet and asked me to get the spider out of her house. After I removed the spider she handed me a double shot of Kessler's. We have been together for over 22 years and married for14.5 years.

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

So, can I say that she made up the spider problem, just in order to see you? She already had good feelings about you.


No, there was a spider that need remove.


it was a mutual attraction~

He saw me first but as soon as I saw him I was attracted too. We started working together at McDonalds actually :) We would flirt as we were working ~ He would be flipping burgers and I would stand behind the counter waiting for the burgers or special orders for the customers; we would give googly love eye looks, smiles and blow kisses ~ 15 years later and 5 kids... we are happily married, just bought a house in Alaska and are still happy :) and we still go to McDonalds too ~ teehee


He came in for an application and waiting in my line at the counter to ask for one... that is when we first met and fell in love - so I guess love at first sight really can happen <3

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

That's such a lovely story ^_^.
I actually feel that flirting with little hints (eye-contact or smiles) it's the best way to approach a person you're interested in. The problem is that usually we, men, are not good at this -_-. Time ago, I had a co-worker who often flirted with me. But I was young, and rarely understood her. She often smiled at me, and you know what I thought about her? "Why is she always happy? Life must go very well for her"


She called me and asked if could installed her new car stereo in her car... after a couple weeks helping her pick her new car....

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

Yeah, I often have this theory: "the more you see each other, the more you like each other"


We met at work. We were co-workers for a year, and then he and his wife separated. Two or three months after the divorce process began, we went out for drinks. We became good friends outside of work and hung out for a year before things got serious. Once it became known that we were a couple, the entire company was scandalized. We've been together for 16 years, I think we've made it this far because we knew each other's dirt before we got serious.

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

People get scandalized easily. And love is certainly a good topic for scandal and gossip ^_^


Actually, that was the short version, it is much more scandalous than the "cliff note" version I posted

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

Would you like to share your "scandal"? :)
If it's NC-17 rated (inappropriate for the general public), then never mind.


Well, he sent me a note on the school bus and asked me to the 8th grade prom! Truly.

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

That's a very early relationship. Are you still with him? Congratulations!


we met at a new years party, he asked me to dance, after that he called and we went on a date, the dating lasted for two years, my father was sent overseas, and we moved to europe, after 8 years we came back and seems that it was written somewhere, we started to date again and got married and that was many moons ago, we are still together and have three kids, we have moved around the world and in the States, but now we are home for good. That's all folks.

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

Sometimes, our partner really seems to be destined. Your story is very romantic!


3 years ago a guitarist came to my home to play in my band. I did not notice him at first... Just a regular guy, seemed kind of distant. During our rehearsal break, I was showing him my scrapbook of my grandkids. At one point our eyes met and that was IT!!!
Just one look......That has Never happened to me in my entire life here... I "knew" he was the ONE!
My best friend...and Twin.

*¨*Ana Carolina*¨*:

It was certainly a fated eye contact ^_^

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