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How soon should a woman disclose how many children she has during the dating process?


On the first date the women should say casually I know my children are home on the computer and watching television. I told them they needed to do homework first but I'm sure as soon as I left the house they ignored what I asked them to do. They are such little devils sometimes. She wont have to even say how many because if the man cares that she has children that will be the first question he asks after that statement :)


From a man's point of view, INSTANTLY, If he's serious and still interested he'll stick around. If not you didn't want him anyway!


I'd say right even BEFORE the first date. Can't imagine why someone would not disclose this. There are enough guys who don't want to date women with children that I would consider it a waste of my time to go out with one of them.




Certainly no later than the first date. It depends on how long she knows him beforehand. Most people know I have kids within the first 15 minutes of speaking with me. I'm in no way ashamed of them and I have no reason to bother with someone who wouldn't want to be involved with them.


Clue. Cheerios stuck to everything. Baby sit in the back seat. Enter at your own risk.


Full disclosure of your life before or during the first date is unnecessary, after all you don't know until the date is over if you ever want to speak to the person again. If your children are still minors you should definitely tell at or before the second date but one would think children would somehow come up in the conversation by then anyway.


I would be up front and honest with them on the first date:)


I'd say first date... if that fact was enough to discourage a man from pursuing a relationship with me.. well then, he isn't what I am looking for anyway. Honesty is key, and if the number of children I have has any effect on a man's feelings toward me- screw him.

Dollar brand:

On the first date, but it might be over after that. How many do she have, anyway?


If the children are .. say 50 years old .. I don't think it matters all that much. Unless they still live with her, then it's a different story.
If you are talking about liitle kids, then it should definitely be disclosed.
So the answer is ... "It depends".


Never have them meet him on the honeymoon lol lol

Valentin Alsina News:

I would think that first date you are beginning to get to the know the person. For me the whole first month is a friendship thing. So that kind of info can be released slowly during the getting to know you phase. It's important---but I don't know if I would slap it down at the dinner table on the first date.

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