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"Risky Business" train(subway) scene..would you rank it in the top-ten love scenes for movies?


I'm new. Not sure how this works but the train scene should be ranked at top love scenes. The movie and the scene is brilliant. The spiritual connection during sex (in love or not) is what I think is captured in this scene. I dream all lovers aspire to this.


Sure I love that part in Risky business:)


Just saw it on TV today, Queen. Unlike nowadays, it still leaves something for the imagination. I think the passing lights make it!! Thanks for being my one answer!!! :>))


would you believe I havent seen that movie.... I know... shame on me.... but if you two say its good then the next time it comes on I will watch it...


Shame on you!!!!! You have children that have seen that movie. Do know what your children are watching? HAHAHAHA!! Just pickin' mom. It was Tom Cruise's first big break. Kinda' silly for nowadays, but you might enjoy it.


they probably have... not a big tom cruise fan I guess....and anymore I dont know what they watch.... I am smiling!! I just might watch it one of these days...




how can you say that SULLY? At the end of the movie, the two of them are still together...Infatuated with each other.

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