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Amazing guy

If you were going to send a message in a bottle, what would it say and who do you hope finds it?


"Hey you... sign your name, date and time and throw me back in the water. I havent finished travelling"

Anyone who comes across and does what is requested ;)

Amazing guy:

= ) cute answer.


"More Tequila" Jose Cuero

Amazing guy:

lol! AMEN


Stranded on deserted island, please find me, drop off 5 or 6 women, preferably pretty then file my claim to ownership of this island. There will be a huge population explosion here so I need full owership of island.

Amazing guy:

Woohoo!!! Fantasy island INDEED


""Dear finder of this bottle... how the hell did you find this bottle in the middle of nowhere? God only knows why it hadn't been sunk. I'll probably go to the other side of the island and see if the natives are friendly. Who knows, this might just be Fiji! Be safe and have fun.""

Amazing guy:

now what is that message gonna get ya? Unless of course it is Fiji and you could care less who finds the bottle = )


Question is, where I got the bottle and what I used to cork it so the message won't get wet. Chances are I'd get stuck on the island and have to find Jack and his crash survivors to see if they'll let me in the group. Since we'd all be Lost in the middle of nowhere, chances are pretty good we wouldn't be going anywhere.


Paris your Hot!! and I hope she would find it.

Amazing guy:

Good luck with that Rick.

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