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David Stout

no credit card, can I pay cash for Visa to use online?

like one of those phone cards or something?

most banks will do some kind of secured card, just go visit one and see because the amounts maybe different from bank to bank


if you want you can purchase a prepaid visa and or mastercard thru a company called Greendot. it actually the best for the internet shopping because people can only get what you put in it and nothing more ever.


Here we will look how a prepaid card scores over credit cards especially
if the owner has a not so perfect credit history.

The rejection is non existent in case of prepaid credit cards, there are no
credit checks, no employment verification, and approval is guaranteed.

With a bit of dilligent shopping and comparision of various prepaid
credit card offers, it is not difficult to find a prepaid card with no
annual fees, no late payment fees, no repayments, and no penalties
whatsoever. So, the ownership costs of a prepaid card can be

With prepaid cards it is very easy to promote financial discipline. Since you
can only spend what you have, there is no overspending, and hence no debts.

Some prepaid cards do report their use to major credit bureaus and hence are a good instrument to rebuild credit history. Apply online at:

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