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If you chat(on IM, phone,or get a message in a bottle) with someone you've never seen(cont'd below)

does that qualify as "meeting" that person?

It does to me.....after chatting or talking with them you start to get to know them. But nothing takes the place of meeting a person face to face.


Thank you,wonderingchic. I've chatted and got to know her very well, but I just have this great anticipation of "meeting" her. I've come to "know" her by chatting, but as you stated: nothing takes the place of meeting a person face to face. (though the "face" does NOT matter when you know their heart)


Yes, it does.. You have talked, though you haven't seen him..


Thank you Choc....though it's a "HER" in my case. LOL :>)


well sort of.....but it does help you get to know the person a bit more than just IM'ing....


Thanks, mom. I'm in limbo about it. But if you(I) technically haven't met this person, then that gives me a little leverage by saying..."I don't think we've 'met' yet....we really need to meet." :>))


I dont think you have met in person, so just ask her to meet you somewhere for a cup of coffee or a soda.... sounds interesting, I hope it works out for you... and she is a nice girl.. you deserve a nice girl....


No, I think, to be a meeting, two way conversation is necessary!
You know something you got about the person but he does not have anything from you. This is not going to be called a meeting.


Thank you, kenny.... :>)

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