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Do you ever fly in your dreams, what is your position in flight and your feelings.

Turk Boy:

I dream often of flying, to the point of remembering what it felt like. Even being with people Ive never met. Some incredible almost magical eperiences, others not so great to remember. I wonder how we dream of things that we have never encountered or be with people who we have never met?


"They" say that flying in one's dream is a form of astral-projection (your soul leaving your physical self) and that one is connected to the other by a very thin gold thread. I also read that the sensation of falling right before r.e.m. is your soul checking in to the right body. Cool Huh?


I used to dream of flying, I loved those dreams-I miss having them:(


I dream of flying all of the time. It's usually the same dream I had as a child. For lift off I just jump and I fly in an upright position like I am standing. It's always over the house of a deceased woman I knew in real life that lived cattycorner from us. In the dream I am a very happy person. If there's meaning behind this dream I would really like to know.


I always wake to the feeling of falling.


A while ago I dreamed I was flying...I was a Eagle and I was soaring high above the Cities and the world...I was trying to go as high as I could towards the heavenly skies...Trying to get closer to my loved ones whom I miss so much:)


When I was very young I used to have dreams about flying. Well, actually, they were dreams about falling, but I did flap my arms trying to fly. I alway woke up just before hitting the ground.


I dream about flying all the time...really I'm floating but can move higher by flapping my hands. It seems very real .


I always dream Im flying , But first I'm falling , But some how I say to myself I can't fall im dreaming. So I fly off all over the world. I'm flying.

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