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On the back boards, The Cafe - Features & Support, etc., the time is posted with a message. With...

all the different time zones, how do they do that?
Twisted sal:

Hello Maggie. Being a nerd, I investigated and what happens is that each date is sent back from the Boards server, in UTC form (Universal Time Coordinates (or GMT)), along with some script (JavaScript). The script runs in your browser which, being on your computer, knows the timezone that is the computer has been set to. Some JavaScript 'functions' are used to convert the UTC time into text that represents the time appropriate to your timezone.

So all dates are stored on the server in universal time (so it doesn't need to know the timezone of the message poster) and converted in your browser according to your timezone when the messages are displayed.

I hope this information is useful to you ;)


THAT is waaaayyyy kewl!!! Thank you, Mr. Nac!! Best Answer. And thank you for being a nerd!! ;-)


It wouldn't be hard to get the time off your computer for the post time or to convert it for others who are on. When you first get your computer you set the zone you are in and the program probably works with that.


Ohhhh, that makes sense. Thanks, Ben!!


You are welcome Maggie.


They pickup the time from the sending computer.


Thanks, Russ!!!


internet i'm sure.


Thank you!!

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