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J Man

If you ever told aa annoying person to mind her/his business did they give you a look of shock like

no one ever talked to me like that?
Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Often....I speak my mind. I'm only here to teach


i give that look


The boss at work told me to do something and then said "whether you like it or not" ...and i said "i don't like it" ...and everyone around me started laughing and the boss was shocked because i never hardly even talk and then I talk and I say that. ;)

The Mommy:

most definitely keeping quiet about things isn't what I do


I told him to drop dead and he told me he liked me cause I had "spunk" so I went to get the bouncer, but he was gone when I got back.


i would say if it is to be said go right ahead.


well... if they are only annoying, it may come as a shock.. now if they are nosy, then it probably wouldn't be so shocking.

J Man:

she annoying and nosy, everything shocks her when someone tells her off because no one usually does, but me.

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