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Hillary and Hussein, will be campaigning for almost a year and ahalf b 4 the election should they

resign their seats? they are not performing their jobs, and taking salaries.Say you?

They still vote and they still have to spend time at their offices during the month.


Hi, Ski. They put on a good act anyway. Take care. ThomKat.

Gemz Star!:

This is a common occurance. It's said that politicians start campaigning the day after their elected. Besides, what do they accomplish, anyway?


Hi, Magic. You got it right , buddy. (look at their franking privelige? They start mailing us the next day. Thanks, ThomKat.


"Hillary and Hussein". How dare you!! No they should not resign.


Using Barak Obama's middle name to incite fear and hatred will not work! Your attempts are transparent.


Consider the source.
If he thought Republicans were any different (better), he'd be telling us all about it. Instead, T does his typical magician's act. "Hey, look over here!"

Anyone who thinks a person's middle name qualifies or disqualifies them in their ability to perform a job has their head up their arse. Looks like he and Blade are a match made in heaven.


Mike and elexa. These two suckers. Dillary and osama, oops, obama, need to go. ThomKat.


elexa and Mike. I guarantee they will lose. If the Dems havn,t got better candidates, its a shoo in for McCain.


They should go to jail. Not collect $200.00 and stop trying to make America a socialist country!


Jim, you are a saint, I needed that, a demoSCAT just cussed me out. LOL ThomKat.


Should MC Cain join them ;)
C'mon Jim you know he's more Liberal than the two put together lol

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