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do you write your 4's with the top closed or open?

ok, bear with me here while I attempt to make you write a 4 like a calculator or a computer?(computer for me)

Hi, EC :) I've written them both ways in the past, but currently they're open.

Twisted sal:

Calculator - open top.

I also do a European 7 with a horizontal line through the down stroke. (so not like '7').


So do I, plus the european 1, but then--you are european, too (I have been in Italy the last 30 some odd years.)

2 Cents:

Closed, darn it. Then when I go to read it, such as a telephone number or address I have written down, I have a hard time discerning 9's from 4's. I'm trying to break the habit though.


ugh that happens to me sometimes if i write too fast


I have that problem with my 7s.


open for me, how ya been?


I leave my tops open. How are you doing Eye Candy?

Texas Girl:

had not thought about it, had to get a pen and paper and check it out. OPEN.




Hi there. Mine are open. At least, the ones I wrote yesterday are. That doesn't necessarily mean they always are, but... Hey--I'm going to Utah about the 10th. CU then?


I use both... depends on what I am doing but mostly open


like a computer :)

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