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What's on the menu at the fast food restaurant in the UK? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper?

What are some of names of the establishments for dining there?

you can get any food you wish in the UK we have them all pick any country you wish and you can get it here
english fast food will be at a greasy spoon thats what we call a cafe
butty bars for sandwiches
kebab house for something to eat when your drunk
faggot and mushy pea batches
jellied eels
and fish and chips from the chippy


That sounds interesting. Wow never heard of Butty bars.
Faggot and mushy pea Batches or patches???
Jellied eels??? Are they strawberry flavor eels??
Gads. Where would I start?


no not strawberry, real eels, Batches like you put a burger on


Batches like you put a burger on ??????


Batches=hamburger buns?


Thanks for the education Gillan.


oh, how i would love a good kebab with red chili sauce! someone please take me back to derby!!


your best bet is either kebabs or fish and chips. curry food is basically the equivalent of mcdonalds in america. and it is truly the best thing i found to eat there. breakfast is great, too. nothing better than a full english breakfast. i know it isn't fast, but why rush it? it is the most important meal of the day


Thanks morning40oz

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