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Hey, I lost my half star somehwhere? Has anyone seen it?

I've been trying to find out if I have any new violations. I forgot where to look. I have not lost any points.

IT was just a small crumb of cheese to keep you entertained while you were being used.... LOL!


So now the truth comes out. I can't believe that I was a lab rat for all of this time :(


its the points thing.... best answer to answers ratio.... as it changes the stars can come and go


It won't matter soon anyway. 4 violations yesterday, star gone today, what's next?

Lil Rebel:

You answered to many questions. It is gone for good like mind


Didn't know there was such a thing as answering too many q's. Guess I should have read the CoC

Lil Rebel:

No stars based on best answers on the number of questions answered, I had two now one soon (who gives a rats butt)


Don't'll lose all of everything from here on the 21st.


True that!


May 21 ate it, sorry...


Guess it did!


As a matter of fact I have. Somehow I now have a 1/2 star. It must have slid off of your page and onto mine,slippery little devils aren't they.


Now I know this place is screwed :)

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