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what happens if i dont have medical insurance by the start of 2008 in massachussetts?


then your like the majority of Americans? no health insurance? is your state different than others in that regard? I'm confused by the question


Massachussetts is different. They have a state-wide requirement.


how does that work? how do you pay for somthing you cant afford?


They have free insurance for those in need, and discounted insurance for not-so-poor people who can't afford the full price. Most of the requirement falls on employers to insure their employees.

And even though no one voted for me, I do remember reading that the state would penalize non-compliance at tax time.


I see that the social engineers in the People's Republic of Massachusetts must have decided that the peasants WILL have healthcare insurance, even if it bankrupts them!

I certainly hope that this new policy relieves you of having to endure the stench of rotting bodies accumulating at the doorsteps of hospitals in the Un-commonwealth.

No stench, you say? No bodies?

You must be mistaken, comrade.

Surely the Socialists wouldn't be lying to us. Would they? ;-)


Ah, the rhetoric machine is working on all cylinders. :)


There are a number of insurance companies that offer health insurance, so it’s worth looking at these options first. Just as with any health insurance plan, these plans come in varying levels and can also cover extras like ambulance trips, tests, and radiology visits. If you’re looking for complementary medicine, that too can be a part of some health insurance plans, if you do some research in advance.
Just as with anything, if you’re willing to pay more, you can get more from a health insurance plan. These kinds of plans can include rehabilitation, pregnancy and delivery costs, mental health care, ENTs, as well as prescription drugs and more. But the premium will be quite high for these services, so it’s generally a better idea to limit these choices unless you have a medical condition that warrants frequent trips to the doctor.
You can also pay for plans that will allow you to be flown to the nearest advanced medical center in the event of a catastrophic medical emergency.
Of course, if you’re someone that has a dangerous job or you like extreme sports or hobbies, you might have troubles getting these kinds of medical costs from injuries covered. And it’s fair to say that any medical procedure that isn’t necessary also isn’t going to be covered.
In terms of cost, the more that you want the insurance company to cover, the higher your premium will be. If you opt to pay a deductible, you might have lower overall costs as well. What’s interesting is that most international health insurance is actually cheaper than private insurance, like that found in the United States. This is because many health insurance companies in the US delay payment, which creates a need for higher copays and deductibles, while those companies abroad have better systems and know they will be repaid their costs.
Before you even begin to make plans to travel or live abroad, be sure that you look into the health insurance options you have as well as


very well said!


If you have health insurance now it will be necessary to check with your health insurance provider if there is a change coming up for you. If you do not have health insurance now I doubt that things will be much different at the start of 2008 unless you find a health insurance plan that suits you.


I work for a 3rd party insurance admin as far as dental thru states. We deal a lot with Massachesetts. Depending on your income, you may qualify. There have been a lot of changes as far as adult benefits. I imagine it is the same for medical. I don't know if this will help or not.
I also have headr of a lot of folks working together to get insurance for themselves and their families. I cannot remember where, though. Sorry!


You're better off buying it. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with whatever plan the government decides you'll get.


I read this awhile back. The punishment is fairly weak to start, but will increase over the years. As I recall from an MSN article, you are penalized when you file your state taxes.

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