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What would happen if the jobs nobody wanted to do became the highest paying job and the easiest.....

jobs were lower pay?What jobs would have the highest pay in your opinion?

Let's see, my last job in cosmetics, I'd now be a millionaire, kicking guys a**es and getting to watch them bend over to sell a nail polish, lol.


But see when you become a manager or boss, you make less money, but have the easier laid back job.
So actually people would not always want to be a manager and most people will want to be workers, because they get paid more!

Aquarius the Brett:

Do I have to do them again or is that it? If I have to be there all day every day it doesn't matter how much its worth but how well I can avoid working there for a long time. I'd rather make the bread lotteries work for me!


You get paid according to work done. The days you do the easy jobs are the days you made the least, and the day you do the worst jobs are the days you get paid the most.


i think cleaning public toilets should be the highest paying job just because nobody wants to do it and the ones who do are under paid and under appreciated. for sanitary reasons alone, we should put more value on these jobs.


That is a good example of what I am asking about.


There would be a lot of rich immigrants if the jobs nobody wanted to do all of a sudden became the highest paying jobs. :)
The highest pay job in my opinion should be school teachers, because our children are our most precious natural resource. They would need to be dedicated and qualified though.


Do you think it would improve production? or innovation?

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