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I received a letter from a grant company saying that I won a grant but do I believe in this or not?

I really need help

If you applied for the grant then is could be real. If you did not, then take it to your parents or counselor and have them ask some questions for you.


Rip it up and ignore it, I bet you never even asked for a grant did you!


Sounds like junk mail to me.


If you did not apply for a grant then it is a scam.

take care ~Lisa~


look them up on the web. see if they are a credible company or if they have complaints against them. In Canada we have the Better Business Bureau, i'm sure there is something simliar in the states. Proceed with extreme caution and familiarize yourself with the common scams out there.

And for God sakes please don't mail them a check as 'change'.

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