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im trying to get more into picture editing and this is driving me INSANE.

i'm trying to insert pictures into other pictures without a giant white background like this (i inserted the grunt):​5ae9cc560d5f276ad311c_12034735720/:album?css=http://mypix3.zoomshare.c​om/lib/style/trebuchet.css&css=​le/type_album.cssand it won't work! i'm using macromedia fireworks. someone help?

The key to placing an image within another is using an image with a transparency. The following article discusses the different transparency types supported by Fireworks and how to set transparency values.

Fireworks Transparency Issues​&sliceId=1

I don't know what Fireworks specifically calls or the procedures it uses to insert an image with a transparency into another image, but other applications I've used call such things Using Layers, Masking, or Paste with Transparency/Opacity. Check out the Fireworks Help system, documentation, and Support Center for the specific instructions.

Adobe Fireworks Online Help -​l

Adobe Knowledgebase -


your problem is that the pictures you're trying to overlay into other pictures are .jpg's or .bmp files that are rendered only in one layer. Unless you find .png's multi-layered, which macromedia works with or adobe's similar format you'll have to trace the objects out of the native picture. Macromedia Fireworks has a good automatic tracer that works will, and I think Adobe does as well ever since adobe bought macromedia.

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